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Naanayam Finance Business Development Finance Pvt Ltd

Naanayam Finance Business Development Finance Pvt Ltd is a general-purpose loan company that has been ventured primarily to assist people with loans and has made some amazing progress in this field. Naanayam finance has been actively engaged in providing credit-linked services to both working as well as business people all over Tamilnadu. It all started in 2016 where the vision of Mr.M.Gnanavel to assist people in their fast-paced life with financial obstacles.

Naanayam may be a typical term in Tamil, however, it holds more intrinsic value. It speaks both money and integrity. These two are the fundamentals much needed for any business to run successfully and specifically, the ones that are sustaining in the credit services industry.

Begun humbly in Thanjavur in 2016, the company now has expanded and an elongated presence in all the major cities throughout Tamilnadu. We have a wide presence in these major cities to ensure to meet out the credit needs of people all over the state. Customers are the prime reason for our successful existence and we are currently serving more than 5000+ happy customers.

The company has a clear vision to provide financial assistance for the development of our customer’s life and to empower self-employed & business entrepreneurs across the state and future India.

Board of Directors

BSc(Agri)., MA(PM&IR), MBA(B&F), ICWA(Inter).,
Mr.M.Gnanavel an energetic personality holds a Master’s in Business Administration who has a clear insight over the field of financial services. He has a vast experience of 2 decades in this field right now since his penetration in 1999. He has filled in various high profile management positions for significant companies in the state for more than a decade and has made quite a remarkable progress. He also served as chief consultant for the South African Central Government back in 2006.

Naanayam is the outcome of the long-term thought process of Mr.M.Gnanavel to eliminate the financial hurdles in the life of working-class people and motivated entrepreneurs to lead a prosperous life.
B.Lit(Tamil)., MA(Tamil).,
Mrs.V.G.Rajakumari has a more prominent spotlight for the development of women. She has been an active member of SHG’s and has immense experience in various women development groups. She contributed much to the uprising of women predominantly. Mrs.V.G.Rajakumari has sound knowledge in the field of financial services and is presently operating as a director of Naanayam.